What a Difference a Year Has Made, Our Family Photo Tradition

family photos

One of the things that John and I have in common and that I think is one of our strengths as a couple is we both have a strong sense of tradition. We each have our own little spin. John loves history and could spend hours researching and learning about his family from way back when and has taken on a new interest in learning about mine. I, on the other hand love ritual and believe it’s important to commit to revisiting small gestures to create the little moments in life that are special. It’s more of an energy/karma/good luck/ju ju thing for me.

So, this year we were driving one day talking about our first wedding anniversary that was coming up and what a crazy year it had been. We were already a little family and our first year has been quite a roller coaster ride! We were discussing how we would mark our anniversary, remember our first year as a married couple and maybe create a little tradition to celebrate each year.

We got married last May at a beautiful place near our home, Historic Yellow Springs, and our ceremony was held in the ruins of an old Civil War Hospital and Herbal Medicine Garden. There is a tree next to the ruins that I love so much and we used it as the backdrop for our “first look” before our wedding ceremony. One of my absolute favorite pictures from our wedding day is this one, snapped by my sister in law, Amy, on her iPhone. This was the moment that John first saw me all dolled up and in my dress.

family photos
First Look on our Wedding Day

We decided that our wedding anniversary might be a great time to do some family photos each year. I called up my sister in law, Jess, who loves to take pictures and we went back to that spot to take a pic of us, one year later. Oh, what a difference a year has made! And a new family tradition is born. I can’t wait to see our family grow and change each year and revisit one of our favorite spots from our wedding day each year!

Family Photos
Our First Wedding Anniversary

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