Naptime Vintage Chic DIY: $5 Garage Sale Find Shabby Style Refurb with Chalk Paint

$5 Garage Sale Find - Nightstand
$5 Garage Sale Find – Maple Nightstand

I bought this table 2 years ago at a yard sale for $5. John scolded me for buying more junk, haha! and as he suspected, it sat in our hallway, unfinished for 2 years. He can’t complain though because he still hasn’t finished the siding on the house!

I came across Shabby Paint a few weeks ago and felt the inspiration bug!

The cool thing about chalk paint is that there is no sanding involved. You just apply the paint to a clean dry surface and it’s like it was there all along. I was skeptical, but to my surprise, it may be the best paint I have ever used on a furniture piece, I don’t think there will be any chipping or flaking going on with this piece!

The bonus of Shabby Paint is that it’s non-toxic, eco friendly and made in the USA.

Green Shabby Paint - Chalk Paint by House of Red
Green Shabby Paint – Chalk Paint by Shabby Paints matches Jack’s bedding perfectly

They had the perfect green color to match Jack’s nursery bedding that I made a few months ago. And I was envisioning a 2 toned color w/natural wood shabby style distressed furniture look.

I applied the paint with a standard paint brush. Jack napped for about an hour and I was able to get the whole table done with the green chalk paint and a shower before he woke up!

Thankfully, he took two naps that day, so in the afternoon, when he went down, I went back to work and applied the top coat of a tinted sealer/varnish called revax with a sponge-y brush to give it that antique-y, old, shabby look. There were some water stains on the table top and I was worried that they would show through. I sanded the top to see if I could get rid of them, but no luck. Well, one coat of the revax and the table top was as good as new. You can’t tell there was ever any damage.

Green Shabby Paint chalk paint finished with Revax
Maple Night Stand with Green Shabby Paint (chalk paint) finished with Revax for a Vintage Chic Shabby Style Distressed Furniture look.

How do you like the final product? I put it in Jack’s room last night! I have to finish hanging some wall art and take some pics. I can’t wait to share his complete room. It feels as “designer” as the high end nurseries I used to design at Oh, Baby! but we pulled it off on less than $500 including all of the furniture, bedding and artwork!


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