I Don’t Think I Can Go Downstairs, I Feel Like I’m Naked.


5 Reasons they Love LulaRoe (and it has nothing to do with leggings)

So, let’s start this off by saying that I am a LulaRoe Retailer and I do have a slight bias. I am also a woman. I am almost 40. I have given birth via c-section to 2 beautiful young children. I have a big butt and I cannot lie (and I can’t blame the kids, it’s always been that way). For the better part of the last 3 years, I have been pregnant or breastfeeding up until this fall. I am short and curvy and I have spent most of my adult life buying pants that gap at the waist so that people can see down the back of my pants when I sit; shirts that are too short and cling in all of the wrong places; and dresses that pinch are a little too tight here but a lot too loose there.

Can anyone relate?

After my daughter was born, into my life walked LulaRoe and a world where dresses accentuate the best parts and give forgiveness to the remnants of 2 c-sections (and let’s be honest a love of all things sugar, cheese and wine).

So, let’s have some real talk about why women are crazy about these clothes. I’ll tell you something, it has nothing to do with leggings (okay people love the leggings too, so not nothing). Yes, they all say, that these clothes make women feel confident and beautiful, but lets get down to the nitty gritty.

  1. LulaRoe uses a different fit model for each size. What does this mean? Well, a gal who is a size 2 and a gal who is a size 20 is shaped a lot differently in general, right? Most clothing manufacturers take someone smack in the middle, leaning a little more toward the size 2 side than the size 20 and they just add or subtract inches to the same pattern as they go up and down in size. LulaRoe does things differently. LulaRoe recognizes that shapes change along the spectrum, so using a pattern made for a woman who is a size 6 doesn’t always work for a woman who is a size 18 or a size 2. Slight tailoring adjustments based on a different fit model for each size and each style are one of the unique ways that LulaRoe makes their clothing feel so great across all shapes and sizes.
  2.  Why would I pay $35 for a basic shirt w/a LulaRoe consultant when I can pay $15 at Target? Well, that shirt you bough at Target, it’s a little too short and you’re always tugging it down to make sure your mom pooch or bum is covered, right? Oh, yeah and the sleeves are a little too tight but the rest of it feels like a tent, which makes you look bigger than you are…sound familiar? LulaRoe’s clothing is thoughtfully designed for real women’s bodies. The lengths on the shirts are a little bit longer and have a high/low hemline, which means it’s longer in the back for rear coverage and shorter in the front. They hug in flattering places and cut away just a touch where you need it to give you a little extra forgiveness in the tummy region. There are multiple styles that suit different shapes. The Perfect Tee is so great for those of us who are a little extra curvy. The Irma is an awesome choice for women with more athletic builds. The Classic Tee just all around looks good on anyone I’ve ever seen it on! So there truly is something that works for everyone. $35, that’s a steal!
  3. Versatility…Think little black dress, except in color! LulaRoe’s styles are clothes you can truly wear almost anywhere. The Amelia dress is adorable and cute w/a pair of Toms and a jean jacket on a spring day. Then throw the same dress on w/heels and a piece of statement jewelry and wear it to a wedding. The Julia dress is my favorite! Wear it with tights, booties and a Sarah cardigan for an outfit you can pull off at the office or out on a Saturday with friends; or put it on with leggings and ruche it up into a tunic; and rock it with a pretty piece of statement jewelry and heels for a special occasion. Tie a little knot here, layer this there…the ideas are endless! Just search any LulaRoe style + Styling on You Tube (my teammates Jennifer & Ellen do A-MAZING styling videos) and you’ll be in your bedroom playing dress up with your new Carly dress all night! When was the last time you actually had fun getting dressed?
  4. Comfort, OMGAWD…these clothes are SO FREAKING COMFORTABLE!!! Seriously, like, no joke. You know that meme that goes around about “if you don’t come home and immediately change into your pajamas, you’re living life wrong”…? Not anymore my friend, not anymore. No muffin tops, no gaping waists, no pulling buttons or pinching arms. The first time I put on a pair of LulaRoe Leggings, I said “I don’t think I can go downstairs, I feel like I’m naked.” I know! I said this wasn’t about leggings. Well the reality is, ALL of the clothing feels this comfy, even the skirts and dresses. When was the last time you fell asleep in a pencil skirt? Seriously, last Friday, I fell asleep putting my son to bed in my Cassie pencil skirt. Normally I can’t breathe in a traditional pencil skirt. I wouldn’t even consider crawling into my toddler’s little bed, navigating safety rails, knowing I’ll have to quietly sneak out in a pencil skirt for fear of a button bursting or a seam splitting or worse…not being able to get up. You’re visualizing it, aren’t you? And laughing…it’s like a bad cartoon or SNL skit. I can see it in my mind’s eye and it’s not pretty. But last Friday, I fell asleep with my sweet boy in my Cassie and quietly climbed over his safety rails and tip toed out of his room without a peep.
  5. Variety. LulaRoe only cuts 5000 garments per print/per style. This means, with 70,000 consultants across the US, the chances of your colleague’s wife showing up in the same dress or shirt as you at the company picnic is pretty unlikely. The variety of colors, prints, patterns and fabrications that LulaRoe creates in a curated collection of styles truly allows for women to enjoy the comfort and confidence building fit of the LulaRoe clothing while still having the ability to create their own unique look that defines their personal style. Whether you like wild and crazy, athletic, graphic, ethnic inspired, whimsical, color block, classic and refined, LulaRoe can fit almost any fashion personality. And if you’re like me, when you find a fit that you like, you want to buy it in all of the colors (or maybe a whole business, eeeekkk)!!!!

So, yes! The leggings are so soft, they feel like baby skin and everyone wants a pair (or 20.) But leggings are not the reason that LulaRoe has taken the world of fashion by storm. Oh, no my friend, it’s not about the leggings!

If you have not gone beyond the leggings yet, you need to get yourself to the closest pop up boutique near you! And I would be remiss if I did not end with a little invite to join me in my Facebook VIP group where I load new inventory every Tuesday night and post fun little outfit ideas and go live just to hang out and say hi each week. I also host monthly pop up boutiques with my whole team at my church in Exton, PA that are open to the public. You can find me and more deets at http://www.lularoedaniellefrielotten.com





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