No Exercise Required: 3 Simple Tips on How to Look Better in your Clothing

Almost every woman I meet tells me that she needs to lose some weight. I gave up on the scale several years ago. That doesn’t mean I decided to let myself go, it means I decided to love my body for all that it is, not all that it is not. I decided that I’ve spent too much of my life working hard to be less and now I work hard to be more. And I believe that every human is beautiful when they show themselves the love and kindness that they afford to everyone else.

So, after learning to accept, love and embrace who I am, I’ve kind of adopted these 3 tips as a rule of thumb, no matter how I feel about the number on the scale.

1. Know your body shape

One of the most important things that you want to know when shopping for clothing is your body shape. There are 5 primary body shape categories that most women identify with when it comes to their shape:

  • Rectangle: smaller bust, undefined waist, straight through hips and bottom
  • Apple: average-large bust, broad shoulders, full around the middle, narrow hips
  • Hourglass: full bust, well defined waist, balanced shoulders and hips
  • Pear: narrow shoulders, small bust, well defined waist, wider hips and full bottom
  • Inverted Triangle: strong shoulders that are wider than hips, little to no definition in waist and narrow hips

The style goals for each shape are different and the variability here is why you may appear to be the same size as your best friend, but based on your shapes, different styles work better and/or fit differently on each of you.

Here’s a quick video on how to determine your body shape.

Once you’ve determined your body shape, here are some great tips on what to be looking for when shopping for your specific shape.

2. Wear the right bra

One of the biggest tips I have for so many women that I meet over trying on clothing is to get a good bra. It doesn’t have to be an expensive bra. As a matter of fact, I recently fell in love with this Simply Perfect by Warner’s bra that has a little bit of extra coverage in the underarm area to smooth out any extra lumps. It’s SUPER comfy and supportive and costs less than $25 at Target.

The right bra can make all of the difference in how you look in a dress or top and so many of us never invest the time in ourselves to find the right fit. I am a huge fan of Nordstrom and often recommend that women treat themselves and go to Nordstrom for a proper bra fitting. No matter how expensive a fancy bra may be, if you add up all of the ill fitting bras you buy that are cluttering up the back of your underwear drawer because you don’t wear them, you have probably spent just as much or more on several pieces that you don’t use or wear.

And, if you want a great DIY tool for figuring out your bra size, I LOVE this tool from Real Simple on How to Measure Bra Size. Recently, when I went on a hunt for new bras after 3 years of either being pregnant or breastfeeding, I had 2 toddlers in tow and wasn’t up for the trek to the King of Prussia Mall for a Nordstrom visit. So, I pulled out my handy little fabric tape measure and followed this tool step by step and came home with the absolute perfect bras from Target for under $25.

It’s all about fit and seriously it can make you look 10lbs. thinner!

3. Know what colors work best for your skin tone

Did you ever go shopping and grab something that you absolutely loved then you put it on and you just couldn’t put your finger on it, it just wasn’t working for you? If you’re anything like me, you probably hung it up in your closet thinking, maybe when I have a little more color in the spring and summer or maybe I just need a little bit of lipstick and promise to try it again. Except the next time you try it on, you feel the same way and soon, even though you love it so much, it just hangs in your closet lonely and unworn?

I recently found this awesome video on You Tube by French Fashion Designer, Justine Leconte on how to know what colors look best on your skin tone. Seriously with a free app on your phone and a simple color wheel, you can figure out in 5 minutes what colors you should be looking for and what colors you should stay away from when you go shopping.

Once you know what colors work best for you and what colors to stay away from, then it’s time to have some fun!!! I love this tool by South Paw Studios on how to pull it all together to create your own look! – Fashion Styling with the Color Wheel.

And, if you would like to figure out all of these things with a little help from a friend, fill out my Personal Style Profile  and/or join my Facebook VIP group and let’s set up an in person on online session to get you started on better, more satisfying shopping days ahead!


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