A Guide to LulaRoe Tops & Tees

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing that I say often about why I fell in love with LulaRoe’s collection is that the clothing is thoughtfully designed to fit real women and their unique shapes. Find out what styles were made for you!

Classic Tee Header

This Classic Tee is just that, a traditional classic tee shirt. What I love about it is the opposite of all of the things I hate about all of the regular tee shirts that were in my dresser. The scooped neckline is flattering for every body type in that it lengthens the neck and accentuates the collar bone. LulaRoe’s Classic Tee is designed to follow a female silhouette, you know…the kind with curves.This style follows close to the body and cuts away at just the right places. Ahem, just above the belly button where most traditional tee shirts hug the soft reminder of the baby that once lived there…or let’s be real, the extra slice of pizza that I couldn’t resist last tight too. It is slightly longer in the back than in the front to give a little extra coverage in the rear. This shirt fits true to size.

The Classic Tee is an excellent choice for women of all body shapes.


Randy Tee Header

The Randy Tee is LulaRoe’s raglan style unisex baseball tee. A raglan sleeve is a type of sleeve whose distinguishing characteristic is to extend in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone. This is a particularly flattering design in that it draws attention inward toward the collarbone and works particularly well to slim the shoulders. Randy is fitted through the body, and accentuates a narrow waist. The sleeve is a 3/4 length which is super nice for those of us who feel like we are literally rolling up our sleeves all of the time to perform the work of being a mom.

Randy is an excellent choice for women who are an hourglass, inverted triangle, pear or rectangle in shape.


Perfect Tee Header

The Perfect Tee truly is the perfect tee shirt. This shirt also has a scooped neckline, lengthening the neck and accentuating the collar bone. It is fitted through the bust and flairs out at the waist and depending on your body shape, it either highlights a narrow waist or creates the illusion of a waist. The movement and flow of the body is a favorite for women who consider their belly to be a problem area. Slits on each side of the hemline also allow for forgiveness and movement, especially for women who are wider in the hips and have a round rear. They are also great for having a little bit of fun with styling and tying up one side for a casual look.

I have a lot of shape specific advice for the Perfect Tee.

For women who are apple and inverted triangle shapes who find themselves to be broad in the upper body, I recommend wearing the Perfect Tee true to size or down one size from your normal size in a tee shirt.

For women who are hourglass and pear shapes who find themselves to be narrow in the waist, I recommend sizing down in this shirt by 1 to 2 sizes. For petite frames, definitely consider going down 2 sizes in the Perfect Tee.

The Perfect Tee is an excellent choice for women who have curves or want to create the illusion of curves and looks best on women who consider themselves to be on bustier side.


Irma Tunic Header

The Irma Tunic is an oversized relaxed tunic with a dolman style sleeve. A dolman sleeve is a loose sleeve cut in one piece with the body of a garment. This unstructured look is a great tool in helping to create balance in several body types. The 3/4 length of the sleeve is great for all women creating coverage with no need to roll up sleeves. The body of the Irma Tunic is also unstructured, loose and extra long, designed to hit just above the knees or mid-thigh. It is longer in the back than in the front, which gives it a little polish.

There are also some shape specific styling tips for the Irma Tunic.

For women who are apple shaped, inverted triangles, and rectangles this top is a favorite. The loose fit in the body is forgiving and the higher neckline minimizes the bust. Many women of these body types like to wear this top 1 to 2 sizes down from their traditional tee shirt size. For petite frames, 2 sizes down is recommended.

For women who are hourglass and pear shapes with fuller curves on the bottom, the Irma tends to look better worn true to size or down 1 size. This is a great style for women with narrow shoulders as the dolman style sleeve helps to balance out the curves on the bottom. It is an unstructured look and many women who have a narrow waist like to style this shirt tucked in under a skirt or tied with fun knot tricks to accentuate their shape.


As you can tell LulaRoe puts a lot of thought for real women into their designs. All of the shirts address common shape driven challenges that all women face and there is more than one style in the collection that will work for each shape.

What is your favorite LulaRoe Top to wear? Not quite sure and want some help with finding out? Complete this FREE personal styling questionnaire, I would love to help!!!

Take the Tip Top Wardrobe Challenge and make sure your closet has the style essentials that make getting dressed easy!


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