Tip Top Wardrobe Challenge

This week’s challenge is to curate your collection of tops and tees. Let’s make getting dressed easier by pulling out those tops and getting your selection in tip top shape for spring!

Let’s talk about color!

I am a big believer in picking a color palette to stick with when shopping. There are some excellent guides out there on how to pick one that works well for your skin tone. My simple rule of thumb is:

3 neutral colors

For me, I like black, off white/beige (I’ve got toddlers and I like coffee, no white for me!) and heathered grey

3 colors that compliment your skin tone – I love this video by Justine Leconte on Which colors work for your skin tone: method & tips explained

If you are looking for some inspiration for spring, here are the colors that are hot in fashion this season. – from Verdigris


Since I know what colors work for my skin tone, pink yarrow, island paradise and flame are my personal picks for spring this year.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE greenery, but I know that it’s not a great main color for my skin tone. So, I might add that in for fun as an accent in jewelry or some cute summer sandals.

Let’s Shop!

Here’s your shopping list:

  • Neutral 1 – this can be a solid color or a monochromatic print
  • Neutral 2 – this can be a solid color or a monochromatic print
  • Neutral 3 – this can be a solid color or a monochromatic print
  • Solid Color or Monochromatic Print – this should be one of the colors in your personalized palette
  • Stripe (horizontal/chevron) – this can be color or neutral
  • Print (floral/geometric/abstract – have fun) – this should incorporate one, two or all of the colors in your personalized palette
  • Optional – Graphic Tee – can be color or neutral

First shop your closet. Before you hit the racks, shop your closet. Found some items that fit the bill? Try them on. Does it fit well? Free of holes, tears, stains? Do you like it? Love it or leave it?

Don’t keep clothing around that is stained, torn or otherwise doesn’t make you feel like you look your absolute very best when you present yourself to the world, whether that’s to the preschool pick up line, the grocery store, church or the office. Give yourself freedom from the stress creating clutter and let go of anything that doesn’t fit the list and/or doesn’t make you feel like a million dollars.

With a very curated, specific and laser focused list, it’s time to have a little bit of fun! Now y’all know I have a bias and I’m going to tell you to go straight to your favorite LulaRoe style consultant (I hope I’m one of them, insert sheepish grin and a link) but you really can accomplish this challenge with any of your favorite clothing retailers.

Check out my Guide to LulaRoe Tops & Tees to find the LulaRoe styles that work best for your body shape. And for my complete inventory of tees available online:

Classic Tees          Randy Tees          Perfect Tees          Irma Tunics

Not quite sure where to start and want some help with finding out? Complete this FREE personal styling questionnaire, I would love to help!!!


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