So, You Hate Shorts? ME TOO!!!!

I hate shorts. Like, hate, hate, hate them. Nothing can bring me to tears as quickly as the soul crushing experience of standing in the fitting room of a department store trying on shorts that gap at the waist, hug my thighs a little too tight and pull across my hips. If you are like me and share in the protest of wearing shorts but still want options to stay cool and comfortable this summer, try these 4  styles that will give you endless options and keep you out of the shorts shopping funk this summer.

The Maxi.

In the summer months, I’m a maxi skirt girl. There is nothing more comfortable to me than an easy breezy maxi, a tank top or tee and my favorite flip flops. This is one of the things that attracted me to LulaRoe, the original, the skirt that started it all, the LulaRoe Maxi Skirt. I absolutely LOVE the comfortable and adjustable yoga style waistband. I love how it fits a little bit close and has the perfect hint of flare at the bottom to accentuate my shape. The slight bit of extra length in the back is a best friend to gals like me who have a little bit of junk in the trunk, giving a balanced look. Maxi skirts fit true to size or down 1 size in the jersey “slinky” fabric.

Casual or dressed up, the maxi is my go to gal all summer long!

Shop Maxi Skirts>>>

The Carly. 

LulaRoe released the Carly dress last July and it has taken the Lula World by storm. When I first saw the Carly, I thought it looked like a moo moo and there was no chance I was going to like it. Thankfully, my sponsor, Lauren, insisted I try it by gifting me a coveted black Carly dress. I put it on and 10 Carly’s later, I might need and intervention. Wear her, easy breezy with flip flops and a pony for simple swingy summer dress. On chilly evenings, I like to pull on a pair of soft cozy leggings under my Carly while sitting out to watch the sunset or hitting the boards in OCNJ. My other favorite Carly combo for every day is a Carly with a Cassie skirt layered underneath. When I’m feeling like I want to mix it up or add a layer without wearing leggings, these two are BFF’s.  The fit is mainly in the shoulders and the sizing is a bit oversized. I often recommend going down 2 sizes from your traditional tee shirt size on the Carly dress.

Shop Carly Dresses >>>

The Azure. 

If you are a maxi skirt gal, you’ll love the Azure. It’s just a shorter version and it’s the absolutely perfect every day alternative to shorts. I love it because you can wear it to work with a cardigan or blazer for a dressed up look and then pair it with a simple tank or tee, sandals or sneaks and your favorite baseball cap for a casual day at tee ball, the playground or a picnic. The a-line design of the Azure makes it a flattering skirt for any shape. The length is just below the knee, so it’s great for still being able to bend over to pick up a kiddo without giving everyone a show.  Azures fit a tad small. I recommend going up 1 size from your typical size in this skirt.

Shop Azure Skirts>>>

The Cassie. 

The Cassie Skirt is my all around, year round favorite LulaRoe skirt. It is a classic pencil skirt, minus the constricting waistband, buttons and zippers. The fabric is super stretchy and hugs your body close and at the same time is light weight and forgiving of the imperfections we all hold not so dear. I always say, it’s a magic skirt! Similar to the Azure, it is super versatile and an absolute favorite of my friends who work in an office setting where a more dressy look is required. And, it looks and feels awesome with a simple tee or tank and a pair of flops. As I mentioned, it’s my favorite warm weather layer under a Carly dress.  Cassie skirts fit true to size.

Shop Cassie Skirts >>>

Start looking forward to getting dressed this summer. Ditch the shorts. Stock your closet with versatile solutions just like this that will make getting dressed fun and easy.

Not quite sure what LulaRoe styles will work best for your shape and want some help with finding out? Complete this FREE personal styling questionnaire, I would love to help!!


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