4 Ways to Wear White this Summer

Okay, okay, so Memorial Day came and went and if you’re a fashion rule follower, it’s time! We can wear white!

So, last week I tortured myself and I went on the hunt for a new a pair of white jeans. Ummm, let’s just say, I walked away with a new rule. My new rule is that if you feel like you’re trying to fit into a style that works really great for someone else, but makes you feel terrible about your body when you look in the mirror, rethink it! Styling ideas can always, always, always be reworked to fit your shape and your style to give you a similar look and in many ways better because it suites YOU!!!

I love a crisp summer white, especially with a bright print or a stripe and this year I’m remixing the old jeans and shorts looks to fit what I feel best in, skirts, dresses and jackets!

Check out these LulaRoe looks that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that can be remixed to work for any body shape, size, height and style.

Pair a fun and bright Dress with a shape enhancing white jacket. 

I love this look for work or play. This can work with any of your favorite dresses. For a waist enhancing look, I love the tailored jacket. A cropped jean jacket is super cute too, especially if you are pear shaped or a rectangle! For this picture I pulled out my vintage Americana Julia Dress (size chart).

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Pair a white jacket with a super fun skirt. 

The Cassie skirt is my personal favorite for work and play and the Azure or Madison skirts look adorable with this look too. Again, I love the waist enhancing tailored look and for a more casual look a crisp white jean jacket is adorbs. This bubblegum pink Cassie skirt is so fun and perfect for a breezy summer day with flops or a bright sassy look at the office.

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Size Charts:     Cassie Skirt     Azure Skirt     Madison Skirt

Pair a crisp white skirt, white jeans or white shorts with a Classic Tee

How cute is Nicole in this bright floral Classic Tee (sizing chart)? I love how the classic tee follows the natural body line and cuts away just above the hips with a little extra coverage in the back. Tuck it in or out, it’s the perfect compliment to a simple white bottom.

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Pair a Perfect Tee with a white skirt, shorts or jeans for a breezy, flirty summer look you’ll love. 

I abso-flipping-lutley LOVE this bright funky graphic printed Perfect Tee (sizing chart) paired with a white pencil skirt on Nicole! Seriously, the hanger did this shirt no justice. The Perfect Tee is my favorite LulaRoe top. Whether you are post partum, newly expecting or just generally self conscious about your tummy area, there is no better top for you. With it’s swingy body and super flattering neckline that works so well to cover the tummy area and create a balanced body shape.

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A few key pieces can really make getting dressed much simpler. This week I traded out my black jacket for my white jacket and my summer white skirt made it’s annual debut. Whether you’re pulling it together for work, social or play, adding an on trend bright is perfect way to update this classic look for the season.

Not quite sure what LulaRoe styles will work best for your shape and want some help with finding out? Complete this FREE personal styling questionnaire, I would love to help!!

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