LulaRoe – Swimsuit Edition

So, I promised a blog post this week and truth being told, it’s just been a nutty week. Thankfully, nutty in all of the normal, uneventful, nothing major ways.

I am at my sister’s for the weekend and they have an awesome pool and I just bought a new swimsuit and I was thinking, it would be the perfect topic. I had intended to take pics in my new swimsuit wearing my favorite cover up options – Joy, Monroe and Lindsay.

Well, I’m not going to lie, I woke up Friday morning and thanked the good lord that it was raining and it rained all day. So, I of course had the perfect excuse not to take those pics. Truth being told, I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and it feels like they’re all toothpick thin and look perfect in everything and I have this bold idea that I’m going to represent those of us who don’t wear shorts because our curves just don’t like them or they don’t like our curves or who knows…maybe the feeling is mutual? I want to be real and show that you don’t have to be a size 6 to rock your personal style.

AND in spite of all of the my brave ideas…I still have the same old hang ups that most women have. I have never been so happy to to watch the rain fall all. day. long.

Then, you know, the universe…it has this way of putting your big fat excuses right in front of your face and challenges you. And this video showed up in my Facebook feed.

And, I think all of these gorgeous curvy women are so brave and they should totally rock it because their bodies are amazing. And the one person depicted here brings me back to a very insignificant but impactful day/moment several years ago, the woman who is recovering from an eating disorder.

I owned a boutique at the time, there was this one day when I was standing by our fitting rooms with 2 women. 1 was in the fitting room when I came over with a client who was teeny tiny petite and thin. On our way over to try on the clothing we had picked out for her, she was telling me about what a difficult time she had with finding clothes to fit her frame.

Fast forward a few minutes and she was self consciously standing in front of the mirror inspecting herself when the other woman walked out and said, “Oh, I hate you!!!”

She went on to rant about how lucky skinny women were and that they could wear anything they wanted to. She left and the woman I walked over with broke down in tears. She explained that it’s so upsetting when people say things like that and that it would never be okay for a woman who was thin to say something like that to a woman who was heavy. I was floored.

See, no matter what shape or size we are, we all have our own unique challenges, insecurities and fears. She went on to tell me about how much it stinks to “look like a boy” and that she has no butt and nothing fits her right. She changed my whole perspective on women and shape and size. She was SO RIGHT!!!!

Honestly, I’m sure at some point in my life, I’ve made an insensitive comment like, I hate you! to a woman who was smaller than me thinking she was so much luckier than I was. Hey, me looking at other fashion bloggers and seeing them in their best light and assuming they have no hang ups about their bodies is just as bad! They are super brave women who put themselves out there, as they are, with all of their insecurities right there with them and in spite of them.

SO, here I am, being brave and all…not really, I feel really awkward sharing a photo of me in a swimsuit, lol. But, we gotta break this mold y’all!!!!

2017-06-24 13.12.46

I love love love the Joy vest as a swim cover up. We were in Pittsburgh this weekend, so my gold Joy paired with my new black ruffle tankini was the perfect combo to show some Steeler pride and cover up the backend.

I just started adding Joy to my inventory. Keep your eyes peeled. I have a few really cute ones up already.



My other all time fave is the Monroe Kimono with FRINGE!!!! Fringe is one of the hottest fashion trends on the runways right now. I can’t get enough of this gorgeousness!!!


And if you’re not super into the fringe, but love a flowy kimono for a coverup, check out the Lindsay Kimono for  a laid back breezy summer cover up option.


Summer is officially in full swing and there is nothing better than spending time with family at the pool or the beach. Wear the swimsuits, kiss the sun and let your light shine pretty mamas!!!

For more fashion that will make you smile when you look in the mirror, check out my complete inventory online >>>

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